oh what a year it's been

This year has been pretty bonkers for most, life has changed in so many ways for so many of us. The loss of loved ones too soon holds firm the stark reality of how difficult this year has been for thousands. We have homeschooled, worked from home, lost our jobs, stayed indoors, missed our loved ones, suffered intense loneliness, and carried immense emotional and mental strain. 

We have also seen how lovely we all are, how kind and supportive we are. From our children painting and sharing rainbows to just making sure a neighbour is ok. We offer space to our fellow humans on the streets or in public spaces and we smile at one another over the tops of our masks in shops. Kindness and love have been a key part of us all getting through 2020. 

My name is Emma and I've been working in the live music industry for the past 20 years. The March lockdown meant work suddenly ground to a halt and I was forced to diversify. My partners and I began putting together small drive-in movie events in Colchester, Essex.


Unfortunately, the second lockdown meant we had to postpone our November events. Thankfully our customers have been so very understanding. And it was this overwhelming support and encouragement from our local community that inspired Sing Silent Night For The Nation. 

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